Living Stingy: 12/01/2019

The other was a squeeze play on primary care. Another but more subtle scam that is perpetrated by individuals is the “primary driver” scam. In fact that is the reason we don’t have a stock market any more. We have the land mass that will be enough to produce more than we need and export to the outside world. Now that you have your product, you need to let folks know about it. For example, I did not know that life insurers are often prohibited from offering property and casualty insurance. Although the general public has remained fixated on the way that big tech firms are using – and some would say abusing their data, the same can’t be said about the data practices of the insurance industry. Somewhat conflicted indeed. Neil Bush helped cause Silverado to crash and get a huge bail out while he kept getting huge salary increases along the way. Neil Bush was on the Board of Directors for Silvderado Savings and Loan.

60 Minutes did a special on the numerous fake companies that would rise on hype then crash when the directors took off to Florida for the summer only to come back in 6 months to do it all over again. It was absurd listening to the attack adds of Stephen Harper’s Storm Troopers that kept repeating socialist over and over again like a deranged parrot. That doesn’t make me a socialist. Amounts entered outside of our range of coverage prices will be shown the closest available coverage package. Commercial insurance brokers often sell this type of plan in conjunction with the next item on this list, as part of a package deal. An intending person must fill up the printed proposal form which is distributed by the insurance company free of cost. If you draw up your own agreement or use a form from a legal software package, be sure an attorney reviews the document before you put it in place.

You can use eDex to manage and quickly search lists of patients (active, inactive, or archived), employers, insurance carriers, labs, non-patients, providers, staff, referrals, and any other contact you may want to remember. The son would have little use for my Father at that point. It is really irrelevant to them, and college at this point was irrelevant to him. We can cover your property and protect your assets from the cost of claims, and we have products that will keep you in business even after the worst disasters. I would recommend they have liability limits at least the value of your property. You are agreeing to give up your legal right to seek compensation or sue for injury or property damage while participating. These are the real criminals. They are the real enemies of the state. Banks rushed into real estate lending, speculative lending, and other ventures. These banks were involved principally in fraudulent Iran-Contra related profiteering – realm estate loans, oil and gas ventures, illegal securities transactions, ect.

Get this, the S&L crash was a result of puring money into Neil oil fraud called JNB Exploration. 26.5 million and had a republican fundraiser to help Neil cover his portion of the costs. 350 million from these three intuitions. These were the three largest savings and loans and/or chimerical banks in Texas in the mid-1980’s. That’s when Neil became a director of Silverado Savings and Loan and approved loans over a million dollars for his two partners. Mischer and Corson were later investigated by various Congressional committees as to the nature of unrepaid Iran-Contra loans. In Canada, if the employees pay health care premiums and the premium exceeds 3% of their taxable income for the year, 17% of the amount in excess of the 3% will be returned as a tax credit. It also failed to repay that amount. Testimony – The judge will first ask questions of the employer and any witnesses for the employer. I’m reposting it so the banks will see how they were scammed and that the Bush family were directly involved in all this which makes George Bush’s visit to Surrey very problematic indeed. Don’t forger George Bush’s oil fraud culminated in Harkern Energy.